KPREP & AP Exams

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Next week we will begin AP Exams and KPREP Testing. Please avoid late arrivals/early checkouts on these days if possible. If you are going to be absent, please call the office and let us know so that we may arrange to make up tests.

AP Exams are as follows:

Monday, May 1st– AP Chemistry

Wednesday, May 3rd– AP Literature

Friday, May 5th – AP US History

Tuesday, May 9th –AP Calculus

Wednesday, May 10th –AP Language

Thursday, May 11th – AP World Lit

Friday, May 12th – AP Geography and AP European History

KPREP Tests are as follows:

Grade 7th — KPREP Testing will be on May 3, 4, and 5.

Grade 8th — KPREP Testing will be on May 3, 4, 5, 8 and 9.

Grade 11th — KPREP Testing will be on May 3 and 4.

Make up days are May 10, 11 and 12th.

Most questions on these tests are a review of the work that students have been doing all year. To show how much students really know, it is important that they try their best. We encourage parents and students to read about the test taking suggestions listed below.

Getting Ready

    • Get plenty of sleep the nights before the test.
    • Eat a healthy breakfast.
    • Come to school on time and with the tools that you need (such as glasses, etc.).
    • Have a positive attitude.

Knowing What to Do…

    • Read all of the directions.
    • Read the questions carefully and all of the possible answer choices. Remember that you are looking for the best answer choice.
    • Try to eliminate some of the answer choices. Which are the ones that just do not make sense? Then choose your answer from the remaining choices.
    • Be sure that the answer “bubble” that you mark has the same number as the test question.

The Test…

    • Use your scratch paper! You will be working on your own during the test and it helps to figure things out on paper.
    • The test questions are not in any order. Some will be hard and some will be easy. Even if they seem hard, keep going.
    • The answers are not in a pattern. Do not try to mark a certain number of A’s, B’s, C’s, D’s, or feel that one answer choice would not be correct if you used it on the question before.
    • Try to find the best answer for each question. Even if you are not sure, mark the one that you think would be best.

Thank you for your continued support and involvement in your child’s education. Together we can make a difference! If you have any further questions regarding testing please do not hesitate to contact Kim Miller at 606-789-2656.


Kim Miller

Coordinator of Student Success & Assessment

Paintsville High School

225 2nd Street

Paintsville KY 41240